Spain and its Riches

IMG_6660This post is well overdue and can I just say that I have been in love with Spanish culture, lifestyle, and the people since I first landed on this beautiful country when I was 16. I said to myself “Karen you are going to live in Barcelona when you grow up for at least two years of your life.” Having that said I’ve been back a few time times, most recently this past June to the South of Spain at the tender age of 21 and it still felt like the first time.

I was able to stay with a friend I met during my student exchange in Germany. She was born and raised in Malaga (Costa Del Sol) and was also studying abroad from her school in Granada. Just for reference these two cities are right next to each other. Either way she took me to both and when I asked her ” Do you realize that you were born in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen (I’m from Jersey) ?!” She replied “Yeah it’s pretty great.”IMG_6564

The fresh Mediterranean food, the crisp light beers, beautiful plazas, and do you know what its like to have Siesta after a large delicious lunch, do ya? These are just a few my favorite parts of Spain. Unfortunately with economical and civil issues bringing me into reality about living there anytime soon, I may have to hold off a bit longer on packing my bags, but I’m still confident its in the cards for me.

So I just wanted to  share with you some photos I took of this marvelous trip I place them here now for your eyes to feast:

IMG_1136 IMG_1139 There’s that food and beer I’m talkin about 🙂

IMG_6622Picasso was born just around the corner in La Plaza de Merced.

IMG_6603mhmm They actually put light tarps above so you don’t bake from the heat (gets super hot on the coast)

IMG_6713Tourists were also pretty funny 🙂IMG_6802Oh and Arabian Kings built beautiful palaces in Granada called La Alhambra :O

IMG_6842IMG_1142Goodnight Málaga I hope to see you soon.


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